Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Luminous Approach of Pandoh Dam

Located within the flow of River Beas it is a mounding dam in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Working under the prospect of Beas project the dam was established in 1977 and the sole reason behind forming the walls of dam is to create electricity through hydro turbine mechanism. 
Perhaps the primary reason behind using half part of the river that passes through tunnels and channels is to create the facility of electricity within the surroundings of Mandi district. 

Since we know electricity is the part of life so understanding an importance of light in once life the project was initiated and today the power house has a capacity of 990 MW which is enough to serve the district from the core of darkness to luminous zone of life.

Natural Amenities
Within the ambiance of Pandoh you are not only going to witness an embankment dam but a pretty affluent phenomenon of nature have blessed this place with all the general exceptions which are require to make this place a hub of tourist. 

Virgin beauty which in turn is encircled by charismatic pine forest and sophistication calls for a peace where one can sit and wonder explaining the thoughts of life.

Weather and Altitude
Located at an elevation of 1350 m above from sea level the dense forest here reflects the hegemony of monsoon beside that even the winter here calls for a snow fall which in turn compliments the site with the cover of pure white. 

Perhaps the seasonal monsoon and its frequent symphony have helped the River Beas to nurture plenty of water which in turn helps the hydro electric project to initiate.

Things to Do
While you walk here to understand an importance of Pandoh dam in once life make sure the surrounding which it has in its bay have so much to offer you and that is the primary reason why people from all around the world come to see the site which is surrounded by hill station and perform various adventurous activities like trekking, boating and swimming, 

Beside that amidst the side of the dam you can plan your picnic and can enjoy the natural splendour and can even look to take a sun bath.

Attraction Nearby
The main attraction that surrounds the site of dam is Pandoh Lake where you can do all the above mentioned activities with your family and friends because the site of Lake is so serene and illustrative all you are going to witness is peace and eternal peace. 

Beside that you can also visit River Beas, Hadimba Devi Mandir, Solang-Nullah, Beas Kund, Jogini waterfalls, Solang Valley, Manikaran Gurudwara and the Naggar Castle.

Nearby cities
Some of the renowned cities that surround the site of Pandoh dam are Mandi city, Choti Kashi, Kashi of Himachal, Varanasi of Hills, Sundar Nagar and Kullu.

Best time to visit
Although monsoon season could be little tricky here because you never know when the rain god will shower his potency within the periphery so the best time for you to pay a visit here would be during the month of summer specially during April to July.