Monday, 20 January 2014

Cascading Beauty of Manali Waterfalls

Rahala Waterfalls
Manali which is frequently regarded as Switzerland of the East is truly a bounty of nature is surrounded by speckle of wonderful ambiance and Rahala waterfalls is one amongst those charms of Manali.

Streaming down from an elevation of 2,501 meters Rahala waterfalls is one of the magnificent of melting Glaciers and picturesque drop which reflects the flange of its sophistication further this scenic attributes has made this region peripheral of tourist venture.

Nestled at the valley of Rohtang pass this unique waterfall is situated 16 km away from the feet of Manali and just mile away from the site of Kothi. As the area which surrounds the ambiance of Rahala is equally beautiful and that has really complimented the site.

Serene Backgrounds and between that meandering course of Rahala waterfalls speaks the brilliance of time. Beside that its alluring milieu which allows Picnic to go on a full thrust has made this place more interesting.

Getting here is not a big deal as Bhuntar stands as the adjoining airport of the region and it connects the major towns like Kullu and Manali.

Jana Waterfalls
Nestled within the small Hamlet of Naggar which is often referred as Hidden treasure of Manali is surrounded by the entire exotic atmosphere one would require to breathe the purity. Overwhelmed by apple orchids and thick deodar tress the valley is a manifesto of nature.

From here one can view the site of excellent snow capped mountains and between the shores of it the tranquil sophistication of Jana falls which lies at the top of the hill is noteworthy chasm of beauty.

The sight of the falls would be a surprise for everyone as the streaming wonders which gushes down slowly from the top of the hills relishes the mind of travellers and trekkers. Especially during the month of summer when trekkers packs their bags and moves uphill from the sight of Jana falls speaks the charm of nature.

The wooden bridge which assimilates the cascading view of waterfalls will take your breathe by surprise because the flow which passes through the huddle of rocks is ventured by tourist to play a part of Picnic.

As the flourishing ambiance which is ideal for picnic offers brilliant time for nature lovers and adventure seekers quench the thirst of traveller.

Jogini Waterfalls
Tremendous falls of Jogini which is located at the outskirt of Manali in Bahtang is surrounded by meadows of Green which is complimented by beautiful roses bask the natural wonders of Manali.

Streaming down from the height which in turn meets the stream and Joins the charm of River Beas of Kullu Valley relates the religious font of this site which is dedicated to the village goddess Joigini.

A Jogini fall which is associated with the Village of Vashist at the northern edge marks the valley with spiritual potency beside that it also shares it beauty with the village of Goshal.

Luscious environment which is designed for trekkers to climb and conquer the heights mesmerizes the heart of travellers as the valley that wakes with the turbulent of these waterfalls carries the spiritual hegemony and natural bounty.