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Adyanpara Waterfall

Adyanpara is located in the Kurumbalangode village of Nilambur taluk in Malappuram district.  This is famous for its waterfalls and the grandeur of the forests neighboring it. The untamed splendor of Adyanpara constitutes the waterfalls and the brilliance of its promising surrounding jungles is very extraordinary.
Kanjirappuzha River is a small tributary of the Chaliyar River in Nilambur taluk, which flows through Chaliyar panchayath in Malappuram district and ultimately joins Chaliyar near Chaliyarmukku where this river also meets Chaliyar. The origination of this river is from the mountain region which lies between Malappuram and Kozhikode districts. Adyanpara Waterfalls are located on the river. This waterfall is known for its attractive surroundings with lush green forest and massive rocks through which it gushes down. After finding its way through the massive rocks the waterfall forms a small pool which is a popular tourist attraction.
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Medicinal Power
According to the mythology, the water of this waterfall contains medicinal virtues. The reason behind this is that the water reaches this place after being filtered by soil and also there is a direct impact of medicinal plants surrounding the route of this river.
Best Time to Visit
Best time to visit Adyanpara waterfalls is during the month of September to December.
Places to Visit
Conolly Plot:
This place is located in the region of Nilambur. The region is weel known for Teak plantations. Conolly Plot was named after H.V Conolly who was the Collector of Malabar during the British rule.
Teak Museum:
It is a renowned Teak Museum which is located at Nilambur in the Malappuram district of Kerala. It is the world’s first Teak Museum and it provides widespread information of the significance of teak in historically, artistically and scientifically aspects.
This place is one of the chief tourist attractions as its dense forests are inhabited by wild elephants and other fauna. Nedumkayam also holds an elephant taming centre. From the wooden rest house located in this area, which was built by the British people, offers a scenic view of the elephants and deer grazing inside the forest’s complex.
The Elembalai hill:
The Elembalai Hill is located on the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border which is also the place of origin of Chaliyar River. The dense forest and bamboo wood which surrounds this hill adds to the beauty of this place. The region is inhabited by several varieties of animals and birds.
The Kavanakallu Regulator cum bridge:
This bridge is build over the Chaliyar River, which is one of the major rivers of Kerala. The bridge is located 13 Kms away from Kondotty hill, 95 percentage of construction of this regulator cum bridge has been completed.
Banglavu Kunnu (Bungalow Hill):
Banglavu Kunnu is renowned for its twisting roads; here ayurvedic herbs are planted on both sides of the officers' cottages.
Thirumandhamkunnu Temple:
This temple is located at Angadippuram in Malappuram district. It is regarded as an important pilgrim centre which is dedicated to goddess Durga.
How to Reach
The nearest railway station to Adyanpara is Nilambur Railway Station and the nearest airport is Karipur International Airport. The place is well connected as it is not much far from Kozhikode.