Thursday, 18 July 2013

Chatapal Now Soon To Be Developed As Tourism Spot

Kashmir is world renowned and there is no doubt that this place is a paradise on earth. Every element of the place is enough to prove it that there is no such place on earth like Kashmir, which could refresh your senses, revitalize your tiring mind and soul and offer you an opportunity to enjoy the best holiday’s trip in the world. Kashmir is a place where nature sings it glory through the musical chimes of the cool refreshing air coming from the fairy snow-covered mountains peaks.

As a part of it, an effort is put to bring the unknown place on the tourism map. Jammu and Kashmir government has made a report of Rs eight crore for central funding for development of Chatpal in Anantanag district of South Kashmir. The place Anantanag is also sobriquet as Mini Pahalgam.

Tourism Minster A Mir said, “Once the approval is done from the Union Ministry for Tourism, all the necessary initiatives will be take care of for the development and the related infrastructure work would be carried on at Chatapal and Martand-Achabal Trek. Along with these two, several other destinations JUST A CLICK AWAY…. by Mir like Shangus, Achabal, Wangam, Watersoo, Chirpora, Metvoo etc would also be taken into consideration for development. He also said, the pristine beauty of the site Nagdani would also be restored.

He also said, for the development of Nagdani and to bring it on tourism map of the country, project details has been submitted for Central for approval of funds. “Tourism is the main stream and backbone of Jammu and Kashmir and its expension and development is the main priority of the government, Mir Said.

He also said “Tourism development should be given higher priority for the development of the areas and also provide job opportunities to the youth. He also appealed the people to contribute positively and not to mix this initiative with politics as this is for the interest of the state and the people.

He also added “It is an individual response to bring complete peace and normalcy in the state and provide congenial atmosphere not just for the boom of tourism, but also for the trade and commerce activities”.